Part Three Review

I thought there was a lot of awesome CSS pages created in our class but one person’s I kept watching develop and I think turned out pretty great. Michael Warren’s page is really simple but the pinstripes in the background make it more interesting. I’ve never really been a fan of any of those “type writer” fonts but I think Mike’s use of Courier works well here.  It adds contrast to the background stripes and also there was a limited number of choices in type faces we could use. Mike also did a great job with his layout. I really like how he used to the boxes the way he did. His color choices are really united also. The bright teal/blue color adds some visual interested in comparison to the black and white of everything else. It is also cool how when you go over the links they highlight that same teal/blue. Everything about this project screams Mike Warren. He has this style that is unique to him that I have always admired. I watched his project develop since I was often going over to ask Billy and him if I was doing the right thing or how to do certain things and I was always asking him how he did this or how he did that because I really liked everything he was doing. I’m sure there are ways he can improve this page to make it more professional or more perfected but so far, it looks awesome and Mike did an great job! 🙂


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