Student Sites

In class we used BBEdit to write code and create our own websites. Here is my evaluation of two classmates’ pages based off the appearance and how everything works:

Billy Heemer:

Billy’s site is really awesome to look at. I really like the way he set everything up and the background image. His buttons for each link are sweet since they are the inverse colors. Each of his linked sites follow the same style but with different background images and colors. His style is original and his font choice balances with the background images. Its cool how in Part One of his project he made each link show images/information but if you click the top one it is flushed left, the middle one is centered, and the bottom link is flushed right. I also like how he has a “Home” button on each page, which is now something I wish I had thought of. Its much easier to navigate then having to press the page back button repeatedly  to get back to the index page. One error I found was that Part One and Part Two take you to practically the same page. Part One is supposed to just be a single page but Part One takes you to the multipage and so does Part Two. Overall, I think Billy did an awesome job with his page visual and it is for the most part successful. You rule Billy Heemer!

Nazarena Luzzi Castro:

Naz’s site is pretty cool too look at also. Her name in put on in a really fun way and the colors of her site really balance each other out; The bright green really pops off the pale dark purple. She kept her font style and the style of the background image united from one site to the other in each of her links. I also got a good laugh out of all of her exercises, she cracked me up with her pictures of Joe Jonas. Her Part One of the project is really cool also. She maintained the same styled background. She also put in a link that takes you back to the home screen. I’m starting to be concerned a missed the memo. I think overall Naz did an awesome job on her sites. Justin Bieber and Disney Stars Rule!


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