Jennifer Morla

Jennifer Morla is a graphic designer out of California. She opened Morla Design in 1984 in San Francisco. Before she opened Morla Designs, she worked for PBS at station KQED as senior designer for on-air and print graphics. This position included creating moving typography for broadcasts. At Moral Design, Morla has a wide variety of clients. Levi Strauss, Wells Fargo Bank, Nordstrom, Clorox, and Design Within Reach are just  a few of the well known organizations and businesses she has worked with. Morla usually takes a simplistic approach to her designs and is known internationally. She has given lectures in other parts of the country and has even had a solo show in Japan. Design Within Reach is a furniture retailer that really allowed Morla to grow and develop as a designer. She began as just creative director then soon became chief creative director. She worked there for three years developing a number of awesome designs. Before she began working for the company it had began to plateau and really needed someone to come in and challenge the company with a high standard; Morla did just that. She recieved the AIGA Corporate Leadership Award for her work with Design Within Reach. Along with designing, Morla also began teaching in 1992 at California College of the Arts. While teaching she makes sure she stresses the importance of doing the little things and doing a lot of preliminary work. She wants to make sure that her students aren’t “shortchanging” any of their ideas.
While on Morla Design’s website I click on the archives tab to see thumbnail sizes of her work at one time and even seeing that alone showed how well Morla designs. Just a small preview made me want to click on all of them to find out more about the project and to see the design in its full form. Her designs have variety in them, although most are pretty simplistic. Morla finds ways to make sure her designs look different while keeping the continuity of simplistic that is Jennifer Morla. The main page of Morla Design’s website includes a display of her work as an on going “slide show” (couldn’t think of a better word). It shows how versatile her skills are and the wide range in her cliental. I really like all of her work because I often take a simplistic approach to my projects. Sometimes simple can be hard and its awesome that she can make it work so often.



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