Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is a very talented letterer, illustrator, and designer. She attended Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and graduated only five years ago. Ever since she was in high school she knew she wanted to attend art school after she graduated. Hische figured she would end up working with painting or drawing but once she took a design class she never looked back. She would procrastinate all of her other work to work on designing and she became very passionate about it. Once she graduated she worked at Headcase Design in Philadelphia then worked as Senior Designer at Louise Fili Ltd along with freelance work on the side. After two and a half years with Louise Fili, Hische left to continue her freelance career and work on personal, fun projects. Hische began Daily Drop Cap, a project in which every day she created a new illustrative letter, working through the alphabet a total of twelve times. Hische has a long list of clients that include Tiffany & Co., The New York Times, Penguin Books, Target, Leo Burnett, American Express, and Wired Magazine to name a few. She also reads design blogs and looks at images online for inspirations. She also says she love vintage packaging and interior design and vintage/retro furniture design. She also finds inspiration from other designers because when you see something someone else does and get jealous it can be the best motivation to make yourself better.

I found Hische’s work to be really awesome. I felt like I could really related to the way she thinks and works due to the fact that I find similar things inspirational. She also is an inspiration because she is so young and talented and has already made a name for herself. Hische worked with some of the most talented designers in this area and the fact that she is only five years out of school and already developed her own font is incredible. Everything she’s done is so well done and beautifully created; You can tell she really takes the time to think things out before beginning a project. I really like all her work with handwritten fonts and how she uses them illustratively. I also enjoyed reading her answers to her FAQ section of her website and how she said that people could email her just to say hi and ask questions. Opening her website alone made me envious seeing the image that is her background; I love organizing things and her desk and office is so great for that.



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