Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass is a 23 year old Australian designer who is currently living in New York City. Cass graduated from The University of Newcastle, Sydney with a Bachelor of Visual Communication. He began doing freelance at the age of 16 and his love for design grew from there. In January 2010 Cass moved to New York City to work for Carrot Creative. He was offered the job via Twitter by Carrot Creative’s president and creative director  Mike Germano. Cass worked there 6 months and worked with Disney, Nike, Red Bull, Coach, and some other worldly brands. While working at Carrot Creative Cass still found time for free lancing. After working at Carrot, he moved on to work at The Wonder Factory, which is an interactive design studio based in Chelsea, New York, for a few months then moved on to work at Alexander Interactive for four months then OpenSky for four months. He is now working at Ammirati working as Interactive Designer while taking his own freelance clients. Just Creative Design is his design business and graphic design blog that he launched in November of 2007. The focuses on all the areas of design and creativity. Just Creative Design was founded in Sydney, Australia but is currently based in New York City. He specializes in logo designs, corporate identity design, branding, web design, print design, and other areas such as photography and art.

I found Cass by googling “upcoming graphic designers” and his name was one of the first I came upon. I was drawn to him after seeing his logo for his design firm. It is simply the letters JCD in a handwritten-looking, geometric shaped letterforms. After looking at the rest of his work I found that most of his logos he created are very simple and sharp looking. He also had a lot of really interesting posters, packaging, and letterheads. I was really impressed by the amount of work he has already accomplished and how well done everything is and he’s only three years older than me. I couldn’t help but be impressed because he is so young and so talented. It would be awesome to be as experienced as him by the time I am 23 years old.


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