Brandon Rike

Brandon Rike is a graphic designer who designs t-shirts graphics, mostly for bands. He says his passion for art began as soon as he could hold a crayon. Rike has no college degree but does his own freelance work and is an extremely successful designer. He occasionally creates posters, logos, and low-key album art. His passion is tweeking letters then coming back and tweeking them some more. While he was in school he was always drawing, taking art classes, and creating. When he was thirteen he started his first band and created filers and logos for his band. He graduated high school and went on tour with his band, which helped him create relationships with other bands, which in turn launched his freelance career. I believe he is so successful because he is doing something he truly loves. He puts all his energy into his projects and in my opinion that is why they turn out so well. Rike finds Paul Rand inspirational and loves using Adobe Illustrator. He uses music for inspiration also. He creates his own textures to use in his projects, which I find so impressive. All of his work is totally original, obviously excluding the bands names. Not only is his portfolio beyond creative Rike seems like a really awesome person. His website is created by himself and gives a laid back/friendly vibe from him and I really like it. He answers people’s questions and requests that people contact him or ask him anything. I think its awesome that he is so open with everyone.


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