Herb Lubalin

Like I have said in previous posts, I love working with type. I think that people who can create something incredible just using words are design geniuses. In my opinion Herb Lubalin is the Albert Einstein of typography. Lubalin was an innovator of his time. He influenced and changed the way people looked at type; he changed typography from a craft to an art form. He began his work in the 1940s with Reiss Advertising and then spend twenty years with Sudler and Hennessey. Lubalin designed for the magazines ErosFact, and Avant Garde with publisher Ryan Ginzburg. During his work with Avant Garde he created his own typeface, ITC Avant Garde. He had a minimalist approach with theses magazines and most of the time the magazines caused controversy. Eventually the magazines were shut down and Ginzburg was sent to prison because they decided to use nude models to spell out the alphabet in the magazine. After his work with Ginzburg, he spent the last ten years of his life working with U&lc, his typographic journal. This served as a platform for his typographic experimentation and an advertisements for his designs. Working for himself Lubalin had his own freedoms and made his own rules.

Lubalin pushed back the boundries of design for future designers. His work with type provided vision for many designers and was very influential. He used words and type to express meanings of words. He once said “what I do is not really typography, which I think of as an essentially mechanical means of putting characters down on a page. It’s designing with letters.” He explored and expanded the use of type for meaning. He stepped out of the expectations of design during his time which won him the 1980 AIGA Metal.







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