David Carson

David Carson is an influential and impressive designers. His work with typography is incredible and unmatchable. He approaches his designs with a “typographic–mind” and creates everything with inspiring originality. Carson has a well known and impressive client list that includes: Pepsi, Microsoft, Nike, Armani, American Airlines, AT&T, Toyota, and MGM Studios. He is best know for his innovative work in the magazine world. He spent a number of years working for different magazines; his work with Ray Gun magazine is the project that made him well-known. He has also done a ton of work with many surf contests. Carson’s work has made a tremendous impact on the design world and has made a tremendous impact on me. He has also published a number of books including The End of Time which became the best selling graphic design book.

Looking through his work I continue to become impressed; Everything is so different and one of a kind. I love the way he approaches type and all of his designs. I have always loved working with typography and the more I look at his work the more obsessed I get. He has a way of taking a simple concept and totally turning it upside down. I hope he continues to produce more and come up with even more inspirational and innovative designs.



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