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Neville Brody

Neville Brody is an English designer, typographer, and art director. He has previous worked as the art director of many magazines, most noticeably ‘The Face’ magazine. He has also designed record covers for independent record companies. Brody created 24 type families that go against the contemporary fashion and desired them to be more graphically oriented which include the typefaces Times Modern and Industria. He work with typography also included: teaming up with a collogue named Stuart Jenson to create FontWorks, becoming director of FontShop International, and launching an “experimental type magazine” called FUSE.

Brody was influence by punk music and Dadism. He gained a sense of dynism and humanism from these styles. It is visible in his original designs and his non-acceptance of tradition rules. “If tutors said they liked something I was doing, I would go away and change it, because such approval then made me think there must be something wrong with the work.”

Brody is the founder of Research Studios network which was originally named Neville Brody Studios until 1994. Research Studios is a network who work with a variety of design platforms and has a widely diverse international client base. Research Studios had expanded to Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, and New York.

I found his work fascinating and found his designs to be fun and different from most others. Brody always seemed to try to one up himself on how he can make his works different. He uses many different colors, layouts, and ideas. It seems as though nothing is he’s done is the same.


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